It is highly advised that you listen to Episode 57 Absurd Abduction before you go through this page.
This is Saurabh (spitfire1945/craeyon) and I host the Steamcast Podcast along with my friends and co-hosts Sam and Brad. That's me over there on the left with Alesia Glidewell, the face of Chell from Portal 2. Recently I was invited by Valve to help launch Portal 2 and this is my story of how I (on behalf of Steamcast) got the chance to become part of one of the biggest game releases in history.
The story began with the launch of Valve's #PotatoFoolsDay update on April 1st, 2011 which led to the creation of PotatoFoolsDay ARG Wiki as well as the Portal 2 ARG IRC channel. Some people were beginning to get the hint that this was something big and despite the slow start the ARG began to pick up pace on April 5th, 2011. This is when I noticed that the forums have gone absolutely mental. So, I created my thread to put all the facts and clues that were being discovered into a readable and understandable context in order to avoid confusion. And so, my Follow The ARG thread was created.
On April 11th, 2011 a user by the name of asweet contacted me and several other major players of the ARG over IRC. The problem with the internet is anonymity and we were at a stage where we couldn't really differentiate between a troll and an actual person. So when someone PMs you saying "please call xxx-xxx-xxxx ext xxx we have a prize for you" really throws you off. It also didn't help the fact that "asweet" sounded like an epic troll name (ApertureScience)Sweet? Turns out, it was Anna Sweet from Valve, that's her over there on the left. She called me back with Erik Wolpaw and Jeep Barnett on the line and they asked me to be a part of their ARG, an offer which I was very happy to accept. Oh... and they also invited me to Valve to come help launch Portal 2. My flight and reservation was booked and I was due to head for Valve on April 17th 2011.

I arrived at Valve HQ a little late so I had missed the tour but just got there in time for lunch. The lunch was with Valve devs and fellow ARG players who, like me, had been invited as well. We had a very interesing discussion. We raised a lot of good questions and I even managed to confuse Robin Walker with Doug Lombardi. The ARG players had a neat discussion about how things were found. Erik yelled at me for watching the spoiler ending and then ruining it for everyone around the table. (He didn't actually yell at me). Overall a fantastic lunch. I discuss the details of the lunch in Episode 57: Absurd Abduction so please do listen to that.

Copyright. All the media available above belongs to Steamcast. Portal and Portal 2 are products of Valve and all the images, logos related to it belong to Valve Corporation. I want to thank all the ARG players, Valve, Indie Developers for making this happen. I also want to thank Razer for providing us with so much amazing hardware. Discalimer, when I was interviewing Alesia and Ellen I was a little intoxicated. Steamcast Podcast is the unofficial podcast of everything and anything Steam.